Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tech: Tamiya Mini 4WD in Pampanga

Updated: 01-09-2015

I did not know that mini 4WD races still exist in Pampanga until I decided to bring back my lost childhood by setting up a mini 4WD car. My bag was stolen in a mall along with my mobile phone and mini 4WD car back in the year 2000.

I passed by to a hobby shop, Special Toy Center at Marquee Mall. I was surprised when the saleslady told me that Tamiya Mini 4WD is their best seller and races were held lately. I searched with curiosity on social media websites for events and I found a very active group with the recently released model, Nero Avante Mk. 3 Stargek's 10th Anniversary Special. On the last decade, the famous chassis was the Super X chassis, which I bought. As I research further, I found out that there are new chassis --- AR, MA, MS chassis known as the Pro series. MA and MS uses new design of motor, dual shaft, removing the propeller shaft of AR and the previous chassis.


Types of races being held:

1. High Speed - It has more straights, no jumps, less or no curves.
2. Technical - It has more curves and jumps, less straights.
3. Speed Tech - Mixture of straights, jumps and curves.
4. Drag Race - Just a long straight.

Most of races I witnessed so far are speed techs and haven't seen a drag race so far.

Race conditions:

1. P35.00 per car, 3 cars for P100.00 entrance fee
2. Car dimensions of the Tamiya International mini 4WD are followed.
3. No practice or test run during the race event.
4. If a car is disqualified, re-entry is allowed.

Universal Setup

In the earlier days the usual setup were:

1. One way wheel mags
2. Reston Sponge tires
3. Aluminum upgrade parts

Currently, the known setup are:

1. Trimmed tires
2. Lantern Damper
3. Brakes
4. Carbon upgrade parts
5. Lock nut mags

Racing Center and shops

Shops that I know in Pampanga are the following:

1. Tamiya Racing Shack (Previously at Burger Shack, now front of Chevalier School)
2. Special Toy Center (Marquee Mall)
3. Pampanga Tamiya Mini 4WD (Dau, current status is unknown)
4. Yam's Online Shoppe (Dona Belen, now closed)

Previously, the only Racing Center near Angeles City was near Marina Arcade, almost front of Manson Drug, Dau, Mabalacat above Meat Options. Race tracks are borrowed and used on the fun races of Yam's Online Shoppe, Burger Shack.

Update History
  • 10-02-2014 - Published post.
  • 10-04-2014 - Provided links of the shops 
  • 10-07-2014 - Edited by Ilya Ling 
  • 11-19-2014 - Added new store
  • 01-09-2015 - Updated store list with status.

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