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About the Blog

The idea of having a blog was from my colleagues at work. I am a foodie and friends ask for my recommendations and experiences with the resto's I visited. Some suggested that I try to be a cook but that does not apply to me but hopefully someday. Some suggested that I make a blog about food. As a tech savvy and fond of taking photos on barkada events, here I am introducing, currently located in Pampanga. So expect most of my posts are from Pampanga.

My purpose in this blog is to share my experiences and to you about the following using the photos I took with my smartphone:

I can call myself a frustrated photographer since when I look back, I realized that I have a lot of photos with my barkada that I will be sharing here. I proclaim myself frustrated because I unable to afford my own DSLR so I rely only with my two smartphones.

I believe showing pictures is better so that you yourself can judge. It's all up to you if you want to taste or experience.

I also accept requests. Feel free to contact me.

About DMKAEL(Complete History by Michael's POV)

Dance Revolution Era

6 individuals met together with common interests back at the year 2000 which was playing Dance Dance Revolution. From the common interest, the bond of these 6 individuals strengthened and met more people along the way. At a certain moment, they thought to make a name for the group. The name was created by using the initials of the 6 individuals (Diomar, Michael, Khristine, Ann, Earl, Leomar). In addition, depending on how you pronounce the name, it has different meanings. Inside the group it is pronounced as Di-Em-Ka-El without any meaning. The initials were purposely arranged to pronounce it as The maka-L (Liberated) describing the group as carefree and open minded. Today, most of the people around the group pronounce it as The Michael as I, Yariv still use the group name.

A year after, Khristine went abroad to pursue her dreams.

Ragnarok Online Era with Batch 2

Continuing the group, Diomar, Michael, Earl and Leomar welcomed a new set of friends with no discrimination and with open arms though the new friends were kidding between fake and the original DMKAEL.

The name DMKAEL made a mark at Philippine Ragnarok Online, Chaos Server as a merchant guild, led by Michael, aka Cim~ / Yariv alone. Through guild hopping during War of Emperium, Michael spread the word to vend at Prontera at a linear manner. DMKAEL forums was created for Philippine Ragnarok Online topics and pricelists.

The guild went on hiatus after the server merging. Diomar, Michael, Earl and Leomar and others parted ways to pursue their dreams and reponsibilities.

DMKAEL Experience Era

With the suggestion of colleagues at work, Michael started to blog and share the food experiences and explored photography. (To be updated)

DMKAEL Clash Era

Michael created a guild at Clash of Clans meant for parking of players with DMKAEL as the clan name. With the support of colleagues at work, DMKAEL is now making a mark having 50 members and unexpectedly growing. The group had its first meet and greet November 2014 with the announcement of guild extension and a second meet and greet.

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