Thursday, May 22, 2014

Place: Sandbox

Thinking of releasing stress? Or looking for a place to have a team building activity? As soon as I saw Alviera's Sandbox on one of the blogs, I looked for people who are also curious and asked if I can tag along.

The Location

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The venue is a few meters away from the Porac exit of SCTEX along Porac Access Road. You will pass through a rough road before you reach the parking lot.

We planned to be there by 9:00 AM, which is ideal. Apparently, few hours before the decided time, my friend had to delay it to 12:00 noon. Yes, we went there, felt and endure the scorching heat of the sun rather than cancelling the plan.

The Entrance
Sandbox, The Entrance

We saw the food and beverages at the very entrance. There is only one vendor in the vicinity so you have to wait in line for about 20 minutes just for them to take your order.

Sandbox, Snack Yankee Sandbox, Snack Yankee
Sandbox, Snack Yankee Menu Sandbox, Snack Yankee Menu Sandbox, Snack Yankee Menu Sandbox, Choco Malt Slushie

During the time we bought our tickets, the staff informed us that we can no longer avail for the Aerial Walk because it had limited slots. The number of people who had avail will reach until closing and they cannot afford their operation hours to reach evening since they do not have electricity and the place will be very dark. We decided to choose Package D consists of 3 rides, Giant Swing, Roller Coaster Zipline and Free Fall. The package costs around P370 including the parking or entrance fee.

The Facilities

Waiting Sheds

Sheds were build up to cover from the heat of sun while waiting in line. Average wait time is around 30 minutes since the ride is 1 person per turn and some were taking pictures and selfies before taking the ride. You will be asked to leave the gadgets and bags while wearing the safety gear. All of the people seem to be patient and I did not hear anyone complaining. Probably all of us are guilty taking photos and selfies during our turn.

Free Fall (P100.00)
Sandbox, Free Fall
The thrill here is whether you can jump from that height or not. Some backed out with the fear to jump which have caused  to prolong the wait time due to  repeated attempts. I was able to jump at first attempt. Just look forward when you jump rather than look down and soften your feet or knees when you are about to land. My 190 pound weight seemed to hasten my fall and I stiffened my knees before I land which hurt a bit by the ground impact.

I also took a video of one of us at the Free Fall:

Avatar One (Roller Coaster Zipline, P100.00)
Sandbox, Avatar One (Roller Coaster Zipline) Sandbox, Avatar One (Roller Coaster Zipline)
The eyecatcher of Sandbox is that they have the first roller coaster / zigzag zipline.

Here is the video of the full course of the zipline:

Giant Swing (P100.00)
You can compare this with Anchors Away of Enchanted Kingdom and it seems to be the only electrically powered facility in order to raise the swing. The first video shows a genset ran out of gas on the Giant Swing for a few minutes.

Wall Climb (P50.00)
Sandbox, Wall Climb
It is the same tower of the Free Fall with the same height.

Aerial Walk (P150.00)
Sandbox, Aerial Walk Sandbox, Aerial Walk
Sandbox, Aerial Walk
I describe it as an obstacle course that has combination of zipline, wall climb or cliff hang which causes the limited of number of people.

They also have:
  • Rappel Wall (P50.00)
  • ATV Rides (P2500.00)
  • UTV Rides (P3500.00)

And some seem to be under development
Sandbox, Under Development Sandbox, Under Development
Sandbox, Under Development

Most probably your main concern will be the wait time and the heat. It is best to be there in the morning and look for a way to lessen your time with your pictorials and selfies while adhering to the rule of leaving your belongings as you ride, whether you bring along a dedicated photographer or probably divide into 2 groups. I wonder how wonderful it would be, having a GoPro camera mounted or worn during the rides.

  • Camille Pangilinan
  • Ling Sayson
  • Rainier Yabut

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