Tuesday, April 1, 2014

News: Entry Photo for Online Voting of Arielle Samson Has Been Released

Updated: 05-23-2014

Here is the latest update for Arielle Samson's competition for Top Teen Models of the Philippines, who we previously featured on Trick or Treat VS Cosplay and Loujae Cosplay Photoshoot. Entry photos for online voting have been released for the 2014 Biogesic Top Teen Models. We highly appreciate your support by spreading the word and liking Arielle's photo below which is directly connected to Innovision Entertainment Production's Facebook page. As part of the voting process, please like Innovision Entertainment Production's Facebook page also:

Online Voting has already ended, May 17, 2014. Thanks for your support.

Update History:

  • 04-01-2014 - Published post
  • 05-23-2014 - Announced that the online voting has already ended

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