Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tech: D-LINK DWR-730 Mobile Router

Updated: 03-27-2014

While I was in Singapore, I looked for an affordable Mobile Router with internet and I chose D-LINK.

Only few stores sell mobile internet devices that are capable to connect to multiple networks (open line). Usually network providers in the Philippines sell such devices but they can only be used only with their own network.


D-LINK DWR-730 Mobile Router, Housing D-LINK DWR-730 Mobile Router, Housing

The design is plain and slick. Size is small that you can almost clench your fist. The housing is plastic and glossy, prone to scratches.


  • It has LED indicators for WiFi, battery status, SIM messages and network signal. Color differs to show battery status (low. charging and full) and network signal (GPRS, 3G and HSPA+).
  • It has a power button and WPS button.
  • It only has a micro-USB port for charging and connection to a computers.
  • It also has a micro SD card slot to act as a card reader when it is wire-connected.
  • You can configure the settings by accessing the IP of the router using an internet browser.


At full charge, the 1500 mah battery of the router can last up to 4 hours of usage.


I tried using speed test to check the speed of my internet. When the speed reaches around 1-2 Mbps, speed test sometimes have network communication issues and will unable to finish the test. I will try to test more using a different network provider if it is the same issue.

I tried checking D-LINK's web site if there is a firmware update. So far, the firmware version available is 1.02 (default version).

I just tried using another ISP, from Smart to Globe. The router displays the sim as "Globe - Postpaid" even though I was using Globe prepaid sim. It was weird because it was unable to acquire 3G signal. But on phone, the same Globe sim was able to connect to 3G. Tried another Globe sim and it was the same. I updated the firmware with the same version, I think. Also tried the sim on D-LINK DWM-156, and it had the same issue. I decided to try the sim on both of the devices 10-KM away from where I tried it, it was able to get a 3G signal though it still displays as Globe - Postpaid and auto configures as as the APN. I needed to manually configure the Globe's APN to in order to use it. The mobile router is confirmed open line since I have no problems with Sun sim.

Update History
  • 03-19-2014 - Published post
  • 03-27-2014 - Provided information about using another sim

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